A large component surrounding our design philosophy is a heavy focus on material and layout of the pattern of the material.  Our goal is to create a space that showcases the material created specifically for each client.  In our eye, equally as important as the material, is how the material is installed.  The methods, techniques and people involved from the selections to the install is the heart of the final project.   

- Inspire to create

"Tile to define your style."

At Buckhannon Brothers Tile, we offer number of unique lines that can complement your home or office.  From Handmade lines with endless colors and shapes to lines that arrive in 1-2 weeks.  We offer one on one time with a design consultant at no charge and no appointment is necessary.  We welcome you to stop by and get inspired.

Each project is designed around the clients specific style and taste which we carry through the entire job.  The design is driven by the clients own ideas and thoughts, spinning it in a fresh and unexpected way.  Our designs reach from the East Coast to the Mid West from residential homes to commercial spaces, projects at every scale.

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